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Our story began over 20 years ago.  Being young and passionate about telling a persons story, I took the plunge and started New Dirt Studios.  Our first year in business we made an astounding 1600.00 dollars... and only double that the following year.  This crazy dream took me to all parts of the US and working with such clients as Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell, Ted Nugent, NBC, FOX and many others.  The grind has been rough at times, but I pushed forward.  The problem began with the birth of my daughter.  This life had put me in positions to miss a lot of time with my family and my first 2 kids.  This time would be different...

After taking a 5 year break, taking on a small project here and there, it was time to get back.  My wife and I made the decision to run the business a family.  During my break from production I stumble upon real estate/architectural photography and found that I simply love it.  My very first client taught me so much and is my client to this day, almost 10 years later.

We are not just a business, but a family and we treat every client as family.  

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